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We are COUCH Health, and we're on a mission: To improve 1 million lives by 2022


Got questions? We’ve got the answers.

If we haven’t covered what you’re wondering about, just let us know and we’ll add it to our FAQ list!

What is 1mLives?

It’s a campaign that will help keep the team at COUCH Health focussed on improving the lives of others in everything they do. The goal is to improve the lives of at least 1million people by 2022. It will be approached through a combination of personal pledges, creative awareness campaigns, support events, social change initiatives and innovative advertising projects.

Why are you doing it?

Our desire to improve health information, education and accessibility - and ultimately improve lives - is something that’s extremely important to the entire team at COUCH. And our 1m Lives campaign is just another way that we’re going to push for better in the healthcare industry and beyond.

Who is COUCH Health?

We are a patient engagement agency specialising in making clinical study experiences human. Everything we do centres around improving everyone’s lives. You can find out more about us and what we do, here.

Who will benefit?

Absolutely anyone can benefit from our mission. We hope for it to become a movement that inspires others to both improve their own lives, and the lives of others. But to look more specifically at who will benefit, the different populations we can identify will depend on the projects we undertake.

How will you measure how many lives you’ve improved?

Each project we undertake and everything we do will be different, so will need to be measured differently. These details will be provided alongside the information on each of our projects, or just get in touch and we’d be happy to provide all the info you need.

Who can get involved?

We welcome anyone who shares the desire to improve their own life or the lives of others to get involved. The more the merrier! If you’d like our support in doing something to improve your life, you can make a pledge here. Or if you’d like to suggest a project, charity, event or an idea around something we could help with, please get in touch here.

How can I get more information?

All the ways you can get in touch with us for more information can be found here. We look forward to hearing from you.