We are COUCH, and we're on a mission: To improve 1 million lives by 2022


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1mLives inspires UK-wide creativity to help others

We believe that creativity and great ideas is what’s needed to improve healthcare, and ultimately improve people’s lives. We’re lucky to have a pretty amazing creative department, and every single member of the entire team is always bringing incredible ideas to the table. Go us! But that said, we sure don’t think we have all the answers. And we’re always open to great ideas, no matter who or where they come from. Especially if it means connecting with and helping more people.

Now, you may, or may not know, but our HQ is based in Manchester, UK. And we work right in the heart of arguably one of the most talented and exciting creative scenes in the country. So, we decided to take advantage of that by roping in a Manchester-based creative network and putting its collective creativity to good use.

1mLives does One Minute Briefs

For context, One Minute Briefs is a diverse and inclusive social network for the creative industry across the world. Essentially, each day, the OMB following is set a brief where there’s only one winner and one rule: to create an advert in one minute. Simple. And on the 29th November 2019, that brief was ours.

The brief:

Create posters to encourage people to make a pledge to improve the lives of others in their own unique way with @1mlives #1mLives

The great thing about an open brief like this, is the opportunity to see how different people understand what 1mLives is looking to achieve, and new ways on how to get the message out there. The more diverse ideas we were given, the more ways we found to connect and resonate with a broader range of people. And with improving one million lives as our goal, engaging as many people as possible in our initiative is key. Here’s just a taster of some of the great ideas…

Our shortlist:

Our winner:

Our winner was chosen by Lead Designer Sarah, who really loved the interactive element of the idea, perfect for grabbing people’s attention online. Plus, the sentiment was easy to resonate with and could easily be tailored to connect with anyone and everyone. We can’t wait to put the idea to good use and see how it develops.

Now it’s your turn

The beauty of our 1mLives campaign is that absolutely anyone can get involved. Seriously, the more the merrier. Whether you’re thinking of ways you can improve your life, or the lives of others, the first step is making a pledge to do so. Putting it in writing somehow makes it more real, more tangible, don’t you think?

It can be as simple as giving your time to having a conversation with someone, and truly hearing what they have to say. It can be sharing something on social media to help raise awareness. It can be pledging to do something for charity or a good cause. Baking a cake for someone, a simple phone call. Or just helping someone in need in any way you can think of.

Go on, make a pledge today. We’re excited to see what you do! Make a pledge

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