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  • Louise Kelly

Breaking up with fast fashion: 6 months in

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A whole 6 months ago, I wrote about why I was embarking on my #1mPledge to ditch fast fashion and seek alternative ways to still enjoy clothes that don’t cost the earth. As someone who used to love shopping as a hobby and constantly stayed up to date with the latest high street lines, it’s safe to say the whole process has been an adjustment!

I spent the first month of my pledge satisfying cravings to shop and update my wardrobe by exploring more second-hand and vintage. Here in Manchester, we have a great hub of vintage shops and I have found some absolute gems. The satisfaction of finding something that’s still in good condition, fits perfectly and is actually a well-made, good quality (and often a high-end brand!) garment outweighed any of the joys of a high street haul.

After a while, the shopping urges started to wear off, and the more I detached myself from the world of fashion, I found myself totally out of the habit and not at all bothered. Maybe it’s because my wardrobe was already big enough that I didn’t need to worry, maybe it’s helped that I’ve lived in loungewear for the past month during lockdown, maybe I really just needed to break the habit.

Throughout my pledge, I’ve become more and more aware of the issues I touched on in my last blog, surrounding the social and environmental problems in the fashion industry. This playing on my mind has been great motivation to stick to my pledge.

Don’t get me wrong, I fully intend to treat myself to some nice purchases in the future. But these will be sustainable and have the aim of being cherished for years to come.

So, if you were once a shopping addict like me or still adore ordering mass produced clothes from well known names, why not try weaning yourself off a bit? Or check out some ethical or vintage shops instead? You could even make it a pledge.

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