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Why we are embarking on a mission to improve the lives of 1 million people

Updated: Oct 10, 2019

We have gone through a period of growth: over a year ago, there were two of us. Myself and my co-director and wife, Katie. We previously had a team of very trusted associates whom we worked with to navigate our client’s challenges. In fact, we still work with this core team of associates to this day. However, as the agency grew, new and exciting talent joined the company, and we had to start thinking about our culture. What does COUCH Health, the patient engagement agency, truly stand for?

COUCH Health was now more than Ash and Katie. It was the team.

While we were expanding, the reputation of the industries we work in continued to decrease. A recent survey rocked me personally: I realised I work in 3 of the bottom 4 ranked industries.

1. Advertising and PR

2. Healthcare Industry

3. Pharmaceutical Industry

It was at this moment and during a discussion with a good friend – Anne-Marie, of Ruby Red Coaching (you should seriously check out her company if you want to have a human-centric culture) – that myself and Katie decided our next steps. As an agency, we want to drive the narrative forward and improve the trust in our industries. Since we claimed we are an agency who exists to improve lives, we want to live by that ethos – we all have a collective responsibility to do better and show the world we are honourable to our word. We want the industry to move away from falsely claiming "we are patient-centric". The narrative in our industry needs to reflect that we as a collective force need to do better, we need to be more transparent, we need to be more open, we need to be more human-centric.

All of this has led us to today: we are embarking on a campaign to improve 1 million lives. People may look at us and roll their eyes, but I tell you what, the team here at COUCH Health are so fired up, that there will be some amazing innovations from the campaign. I have never worked with a team so keen to meet a target.

The mission to improve the lives of 1 million people is going to be achieved through a mixture of personal pledges (be sure to make yours here), awareness campaigns (have you listened to our podcast drama series Ordinary Boy? Listen now if you want to learn more about Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy), support events (the COUCH Health team are participating in the upcoming Manchester Sleepout in ), social change initiatives and innovative advertising projects. All our endeavours will be housed on this dedicated website.

The big question is how will we quantify that we have improved a life? We will work with a social change consultant to measure the social impact of our work: we will prove we have improved 1 million lives.

Setting ourselves a target to improve the lives of 1 million people is bold. But in reality, even if we improve the life of just one person, we’ve made a difference. Every life we impact is rewarding to us as an agency, and as individuals.

I am focussed on playing my part and I would like everyone who reads this to play their part too. Let's move beyond lip service.

Learn more about the 1 Million Lives mission at www.1m-lives.com and follow the journey on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

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