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The letter that woke me up

Updated: Jul 12, 2020

Dear Reader,

I got an letter, an actual letter!! The letter was from a friend, colleague and inspiration, Suzanne Elvidge. You may or may not know I made a pledge back in October to rid myself of Type 2 Diabetes. It's been a struggle, christmas came and went, the new year spirit quickly dissipated, the winter months always takes it toll on my motivation.

So the letter I got from Suzanne shook me, I am getting my shit together now, I am giving up processed sugar for the forseeable future and have signed up to swim 22 miles in the next 12 weeks for Diabetes. Do feel free to donate please, it is a worthy cause.

Here is the letter verbatim from Suzanne. If this inspires anyone, do share your story with us.

Best wishes,


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