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World Mental Health Day 2019

Updated: Jul 12, 2020

World Mental Health Day – Change Starts Here

In support of World Mental Health Day on Thursday 10th October 2019, we at COUCH Health are calling out for the industry to do more and to be better for those who need help in this area.

With an ethos of ‘making health human’, COUCH Health is standing by its core beliefs and aims with a call-to-arms campaign that demands better standards of communication, information and accessibility for everyone.

The voice of the people

While COUCH Health is acting as a voice of the people, they’ve also released a powerful video telling the story of one person’s experience in seeking professional help and guidance for their mental health.

It’s a story many can likely relate to, replacing mental illness with any other health issue.

Watch the video here:

Help make a change

If you want to get behind COUCH Health’s mission to improve the standards of information and communication in healthcare you can sign up to get involved and make your voice heard by making a pledge here.

COUCH Health, Patient Engagement Agency

For more information about COUCH Health, visit: COUCHhealth.co

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