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Our COUCH Christmas wish:

to improve lives through the gift of giving

With our 1 million lives campaign well underway, we’re always thinking of new ways that we can help others and truly improve people’s lives. And with Christmas upon us, we thought there’s no better opportunity than to help others during this special time of year – the time of giving.


What comes to mind when you think of Christmas? Spending time with friends and family? Warm, cosy nights in? A hot, festive meal? Well at COUCH Health, we wanted to help those who may be unable to enjoy these special moments at Christmas, and every other day of the year too.

In total, we helped:

The time of giving


This Christmas, we are supporting several charities, with the aim of improving lives in a number of different ways. Hover over our 12 days of Christmas below and read on to find out a little bit about the inspirational work that these charities do, and how the donations are helping to impact lives in a positive way…

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This initiative is part of the United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) - the world’s largest humanitarian agency fighting hunger. By supporting ShareTheMeal, we’ve provided 250 meals for children in need.

Lives improved:

Part of the UN World Food Programme


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This charity sends their medical teams to save people’s lives in conflict zones, natural disasters and epidemics. They are able to act quickly and go where they are needed most. Our donation provided a dressing kit to help them treat war-wounded people.

Lives improved:

Registered charity number 1026588

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Christmas just wouldn’t be the same without the dinner. We supported Centrepoint to help them provide a hot, festive meal for 50 homeless young people to enjoy on Christmas day!

Lives improved:

Registered charity number 292411

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Mind are a mental healthy charity that help to provide better mental health services in a number of ways. Our donation helped to put ‘Find the Words’ guidebooks in local GP surgeries to help people to speak out about what they are experiencing and get the help they need.

Lives improved:

Registered charity number 219830


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And of course, an animal’s life counts too! We helped International Animal Rescue to provide a bunch of bananas to baby orangutans. This delicious snack helps young primates grow healthy and strong.

Lives improved:

Registered charity number 1118277

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Unicef ensures that more of the world’s children are vaccinated, educated and protected. So this year, our donation will help them to provide: deworming tablets, HIV test kits, exercise books, polio vaccines, tetanus vaccines, water purification tablets, and the joy of helping deliver a baby safely.

Lives improved:

Registered charity number 1072612

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Childline ensures that children always have a safe place to turn to. With our donation, we’ve helped to fund the telephone line for an hour, ensuring their service is free to use, whenever a child needs it.

Lives improved:

Registered charity number 216401


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Both The Wellspring and Lifeshare are local charities that support homeless people with a range of services, from housing to education. By supporting these, we were able to help these charities to give a hot meal to 200 people.

Lives improved:

Registered charity number 1157268 & 1042500

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Macmillan makes sure no one has to face cancer alone. With our donation, they’re able to run their Online Community forum for over an hour.

Lives improved:

Registered charity number 261017

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The “Speak Out. Stay Safe.” programme ran by the NSPCC gives children the knowledge and understanding they need to stay safe from abuse and speak out before it starts. We donated to support this programme and help to reach more children.

Lives improved:

Registered charity number 216401


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World Vision make life-changing improvements by providing ‘seeds for life’ to grow nutritious vegetables for families. Just one tin of seeds is enough to make a huge difference to five families!

Lives improved:

Registered charity number 285908

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In some countries, girls aren’t given an equal opportunity to an education. By supporting Concern Worldwide, we helped two girls to remain in school for an extra year.

Lives improved:

Registered charity number 1092236

From providing education, to food, to healthcare, the amazing work that these charities do can truly improve lives. And by supporting them and helping them to provide life-changing gifts, 8345 lives have been improved this Christmas.

Transforming lives this Christmas


What will you do this Christmas? Whether it’s a pledge to improve your own life, or you want to discover the gift of giving, let us know how you’re getting involved with our #1mLives campaign this Christmas and keep in touch on all our social channels.